Repairing Paintwork & Scratches

Vehicle paintwork damage is inevitable and can seriously damage the overall look and value of your car. Vandal scratches are a real nuisance! ChipsAway will repair all paintwork and key scratches on your vehicle to an incredibly high standard.

We use the worlds most respected colour matching system to match your vehicles original paint allowing us to treat your car scratches and damaged paintwork directly. We will not need to paint the entire panel therefore your repair will be cheaper and quicker than a traditional body shop. We sand the area, fill and remove the scratches before painting to match the original colour and finish ensuring a high quality, body shop standard repair with a lifetime ownership guarantee.

“Someone decided to key the side of my Audi A3 – all the way down the near-side across both doors and beyond. Mark thought I’d need the doors resprayed around the damaged areas but after closer inspection Mark was able to polish 99% of the damage out. What’s left can hardly be seen and has been blended in well with the rest of the paintwork. What’s even better is that this reduced the repair cost to about a quarter of what I was initially quoted. Great job and friendly helpful staff.” – Duncan Crutchley, Woking, Surrey.

scratches1 scratches2 scratches3