Summer Driving


We finally seem to have some sun today, however it may not last long! With the school holidays also fast approaching it’s important to consider how warm weather can affect your car particularly if you’re making any long trips.

Check your tyres regularly

The heat causes air to expand which raises the pressure inside your tyres. This affects both the performance of your car and your own safety, by lessening the tyre’s grip on the road, affecting the handling and potentially even leading to a blowout. Experts recommend checking your tyres when they’re cold and on a regular basis.

Check the air con and cooling systems

High temperatures can also aggravate cooling systems, so it’s important to check these to avoid overheating! It is recommended by experts to check your coolant and fan every couple of weeks, and clean out any debris that could threaten blocking the fans.


The dazzle from the Sun can very easily disrupt your vision and consequently cause accidents. One sure way to avoid being affected is by keeping your windscreen clean – simply by wiping the glass with a wet cloth. You should also ensure that your windscreen wipers are working properly, and replace them if they are damaged or worn.


If your car is left in the hot summer sun for a long period of time, then your paint could start to fade or run. You can try to avoid this by parking in shaded areas, or alternatively invest in a cover for your car to protect it from the sun. More importantly if you notice any bird droppings on your car, ensure you wipe off as soon as you can as the heat will accelerate how quickly the droppings eat through the lacquer. If you do notice some issues with your paint, call ChipsAway Mark Hunter on 01932 336999 and we will be happy to help!

Tired driving

Driving in warm weather can very easily make you drowsy, especially if you’re driving for long periods of time on straight roads. On long journeys, remember to keep hydrated, drink lots of caffeine and take regular breaks. You should also avoid consuming a heavy meal before driving and try not to travel at times that are out of sync with your normal body clock.