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How to increase the trade in or re-sale value of your car

If you’re looking to sell your car after a few years of purchase, there’s several things you can do to keep its resale value as high as possible, regardless of whether you decide to trade in to a dealer or sell it privately.

1. Fix dents, dings and scratches

Paintwork scratches, dents, bumper scuffs and any other dings are guaranteed to drive down your car valuation and put off potential buyers, and a dealer may not want it at all. We recommend giving your car a thorough hand wash so you’re aware of exactly what damage there is to your paintwork.

There is an option to try and complete a car body repair yourself, or if you want a professional repair which is flawless, contact ChipsAway Mark Hunter.

ChipsAway CEO, Tim Harris, says: “Whether you are selling privately or part-exchanging it, if your car isn’t up to scratch the price tag won’t be either!

“ChipsAway can repair minor dents or scratches at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop methods– meaning you can achieve maximum profit from your car for minimum expense!”

2. Keep the mileage down

This is a fairly obvious one, but the trade in/resale value of your car will be largely determined by how many miles it has travelled, so try to keep your mileage as low as possible!

3. Do regular maintenance and check-ups

Every vehicle manufacturer recommends regular maintenance – how often depends on driving conditions and other factors. If some of your car’s components are damaged, it might be worth replacing these if they are going to increase your car’s re-sale value. Talk to your mechanic to see which repair costs outweigh the trade-in price. Here a list of things to complete regular check-ups on:

  • Lights
  • Windshield
  • Brakes
  • Tyres

4. Park in a sheltered place

We’ve already mentioned the importance of getting your car dent and dings fixed, and to protect the appearance of your vehicle it’s also important to leave your car in a sheltered place if possible. Sunlight and weather can make it age more quickly and damage the paintwork, affecting resale value.

5. Always keep records and documentation

Finally, it’s vital that you store all your car repairs and maintenance with receipts if you want to eventually sell your car. A document service history shows the prospective buyer that you have maintained your vehicle. A significant amount of money will be knocked off your car valuation if you don’t have significant history to show that it’s been well maintained.

So, if you’ve got a few things to rectify on your car to increase its resale value, just call us now on 01932 336999 or compete our form for a free, no obligation quote!

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