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Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Car

TOP 10 TIPS FOR SELLING YOUR CAR The easiest way to sell your old car is to trade it in for a newer model at a dealership or via an online car buying service. However, trading your car in, will often give you the lowest price. Selling your car privately will likely result in better […]

How To Avoid Accidents In Car Parks

Ever had your car damaged in a car park? According to RAC Insurance research, a third of you have returned to your vehicle in a car park to find that it had been damaged at least once, with an average bill of £2,050! Shockingly, nearly of a quarter of you (23%) have endured five incidences! […]

How to increase The Trade In Or Re-sale Value Of your Car

If you’re looking to sell your car after a few years of purchase, there’s several things you can do to keep its resale value as high as possible, regardless of whether you decide to trade in to a dealer or sell it privately. 1. Fix dents, dings and scratches Paintwork scratches, dents, bumper scuffs and […]

How Often Should a Car Be Cleaned?

Cleaning your car is an important aspect of car maintenance that many try to avoid. However, a clean car is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a great way to increase the longevity and resale value of your car. While some like to clean their car themselves, others would rather pay a car wash service or […]

The Best Time To Buy a Car

Cars are seasonal First of all, the best time to buy a car is when a particular model is out of season. It may seem like common sense, but a convertible will be more expensive during the Summer months and a 4×4 larger vehicle will be more costly in the Winter. Get a model behind […]

What will improve fuel consumption: our fuel efficiency tips

According to The Guardian, fuel prices are expected to continue rising in 2017, and the new year started with petrol prices at a two-year high. Of course, you can save fuel by using your car less, walking more and using public transport, but there are also ways that you can reduce fuel consumption simply by […]

Are Female Drivers Getting a Raw Deal at The Garage?

A recent survey reported that up to one-third of female motorists feel they’re being taken advantage of, when they deal with their local garages. It’s not a new statement, but the level of unhappiness amongst female drivers is still surprising, in a time when the gap between gender differences has been narrowed in terms of […]

How to drive in snow and ice

It’s ‘snow’ joke – driving in snowy and icy conditions can be hazardous, so here we bring you our top tips for keeping safe! With the heavy snow forecasted later today we thought it would be useful to summarise the key areas to think about when driving in Wintery conditions: Before you even get in the […]

How to care for your paintwork in Winter

Road salt, sleet and snow can inflict a lot of damage to your car’s paint finish, and can even damage it permanently. Winter weather can also dull the shine on your car’s paint finish and make it more susceptible to rust and corrosion. So how do you protect your car’s finish in the Winter, when […]

Summer Driving

We finally seem to have some sun today, however it may not last long! With the school holidays also fast approaching it’s important to consider how warm weather can affect your car particularly if you’re making any long trips. Check your tyres regularly The heat causes air to expand which raises the pressure inside your […]